Aug. 14, 2023

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the summer 2023 fellowship and scholarship recipients. Congratulations to the winners!

Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship
The Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship is awarded to outstanding doctoral students who have demonstrated excellence in their fields of study and who will reduce their time to degree through summer support.

  • Godson Ebenezer Adjovu, Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Dorothy  Allred Solomon,  English Ph.D.
  • Victoria  Amato,  Biological Sciences Ph.D
  • Aldo Barrita,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Ebenezer  Belete,  Learning Sciences Ph.D.
  • Sherry  Bell,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Jumoke  Bello,  English Ph.D.
  • Diana  Beltran,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Tra  Bui,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Erin  Cassin,  Biological Sciences Ph.D
  • Keoni  Castellano,  Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Rodica  Constantine,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • April  Contreras,  Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Lauren  Crew,  Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Haojie  Cui,  Teacher Education Ph.D.
  • Weerakonda  De Silva,  Chemistry Ph.D.
  • Mina  Esmail Zadeh Nojoo Kambar,  Computer Science Ph.D.
  • Kristine Jan  Espinoza,  Higher Education Ph.D.
  • Paige  Figanbaum,  History Ph.D.
  • Celene  Fuller,  Sociology Ph.D.
  • Amit  Gajurel,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Maryam  Hadi,  Biological Sciences Ph.D
  • Shen  Huang,  Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Khandaker Arafin  Islam,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Stacey  Juthapan,  Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Kapukotuwa  Kapukotuwa,  Public Health Ph.D.
  • Torisha  Khonach,  Sociology Ph.D.
  • Anthony  King,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • Dimitra  Kourtesi,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • Bridget  Longoria,  Sociology Ph.D.
  • Mary  Ludwig,  History Ph.D.
  • Hossein  Madhani,  Biological Sciences Ph.D
  • Sayeda  Masrura,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Margaret  McMullin,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • Kevin  Mohawk,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • Andrew  Ortiz,  Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Amanda  Osse,  Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Ananda Liz  Peixoto Couto,  Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Jackson  Pelzner,  Psychology Ph.D.
  • Lei  Ping,  Teacher Education Ph.D.
  • Skylar  Polek,  Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
  • William  Ridgway,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Saugat  Sharma,  Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Bandana  Shrestha,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Rabin  Shrestha,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Rhiannon  Soriano Smith,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Emylia  Terry,  Public Health Ph.D.
  • Zhenyu  Yang,  Performance D.M.A.
  • Sarah  York,  Chemistry Ph.D.

Summer Session Scholarship
Summer Session Scholarships are designed to enable summer study for doctoral students, however excellent master's and specialist students are considered.

  • Nasibeh  Arabameri,  Biological Sciences Ph.D
  • Daniel  Berkowitz,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Richard  Chang,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Claudia  Chiang-Lopez,  Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.
  • Jaimi  Garlington,  Hospitality Administration Ph.D.
  • Grace  Goodwin,  Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Kristine  Haley,  Physics M.S.
  • Patricia  Heisser-Metoyer,  Creative Writing M.F.A.
  • Dayanira  Lopez,  Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Alanna  Osmanski,  Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Erik  Regalado,  Occupational Therapy O.T.D.
  • Shams Razzak  Rothee,  Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Charlotte  van der Nagel,  Geoscience Ph.D.