Aug. 15, 2023

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the 2023-24 fellowship and scholarship recipients. Congratulations to the winners!

  • Mary Ludwig, History Ph.D.
  • Areej Quraishi, English Ph.D.
  • Emylia Terry, Public Health Ph.D.
  • Mallory Constantine, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.


Alumni Graduate Scholarship
Alumni Association Scholarships are awarded to outstanding master's and specialist students who received their bachelor’s degree from UNLV.

  • Darlyn Magana, Data Analytics M.S.
  • Elala Frank, Urban Leadership M.A. 
  • Kristine Haley, Physics M.S. 

Carolee Dodge Francis, DreamCatcher Scholarship
The Carolee Dodge Francis, DreamCatcher Scholarship is awarded to graduate students who have proven involvement in the American Indian or Native American community.

  • Analiesa Delgado, History Ph.D.

Donald Carns Scholarship
The Donald Carn Scholarship was established to honor the contributions made by Professor Donald Carns, an accomplished scholar who helped establish the Department of Sociology at UNLV. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding graduate students admitted into a graduate degree-seeking program at UNLV. Preference is given to students who have a demonstrated need.

  • Torisha Khonach, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Cheyne Sauceda, Intercollegiate and Professional Sport Management M.Ed.
  • Emily Arriviello, Social Work M.S.W.
  • Sophia Baca, Data Analytics M.S.
  • Ebenezer Belete, Learning Sciences Ph.D.
  • Daniel Berkowitz, Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Beau Budde, Educational Policy and Leadership M.Ed.
  • Shadie Burke, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Erin Cassin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Keoni Castellano, Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Richard Chang, Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Rodica Constantine, Psychology Ph.D.
  • April Contreras, Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Lauren Crew, Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Kristine Jan Espinoza, Higher Education Ph.D.
  • Paige Figanbaum, History Ph.D.
  • Heather Frigiola, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Celene Fuller, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Katherine Gaddis, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Amit Gajurel, Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Jaimi Garlington, Hospitality Administration Ph.D.
  • Grace Goodwin, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Jessica Grifaldo, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Maryam Hadi, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Patricia Heisser-Metoyer, Creative Writing M.F.A.
  • Samoura Horsley, Anthropology M.A.
  • Khandaker Arafin Islam, Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Dimitra Kourtesi, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Bridget Longoria, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Dayanira Lopez, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Hossein Madhani, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Margaret McMullin, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Alanna Osmanski, Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Ananda Liz Peixoto Couto, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
  • Destiny Pinder-Buckley, Creative Writing M.F.A.
  • William Ridgway, Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Rhiannon Soriano Smith, Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D.
  • Kimberly Usbeck, Couple & Family Therapy M.S.
  • Sarah York, Chemistry Ph.D.
  • Xueyi Zhou, Creative Writing M.F.A.
  • Victoria Amato, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Shen Huang, Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Sarah York, Chemistry Ph.D.
  • Sophia Baca, Data Analytics M.S.