Staff Directory

Frankie Andres

Senior Director of Administration, Communications, and Annual Giving

Frankie Andres
Phone: 702-895-5587

Missy Arendash

Associate Director for Programs & Events

Missy Arendash
Phone: 702-895-5585

Jeffrey S. Buchwald, MPA '14

Associate Director of Data, Assessment & Planning Career Services

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Phone: 702-895-5708

Alejandro Chacon

Assistant Director of Experiential Learning, Mentoring, and Operations

Portrait of a man
Phone: 702-895-0049

Caitlin Dabatos

Administrative Assistant 4, Annual Giving

Portrait of a woman
Phone: 702-895-2539

Blake Douglas

Interim Associate Vice President for Alumni Engagement and Interim Executive Director of the UNLV Alumni Association

Blake Douglas
Office: TAC 122
Mail Code: 1010
Phone: 702-895-2399
Fax: 702‐895‐4282

Michelle Fearnley

Administrative Assistant III

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Phone: 702-895-2384

Justin Gomez

Assistant Director of Career & Professional Development, Career Services

Justin Gomez
Phone: 702-895-0657

Amanda Gordon '09 '11

Assistant Director of Volunteer Relations

Portrait of a woman
Phone: 702-895-2378

Margaret Hausbeck

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement & Career Services; Harrah College of Hospitality

Office: HOS 125
Mail Code: 6021
Phone: 702-895-1052
Fax: 702-895-4109

Larry Henley, M.A.

Director of Alumni, Parent Relations & Community Initiatives; College of Fine Arts

Portrait of a man
Office: FDH 662
Phone: 702-895-4712
Fax: 702-895-4194

Patrice Hester-Harper, M.Ed.

Assistant Dean for Administration, Outreach, and Engagement; School of Nursing

Office: BHS 512
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-1230
Fax: 702-895-5050

Jessica Impallaria '08 M.Ed.

Associate Director of Development & Alumni Relations; College of Liberal Arts

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Phone: 702-895-3078

Nakia Jackson-Hale '17

Executive Director of Alumni Relations & Special Events; Boyd School of Law

Nakia Jackson-Hale
Phone: 702-895-2489

Mitch Keenan '13

Regional Development Officer

Mitch Keenan
Phone: 702-895-2711

Amanda Kehrer

Interim Administrative Assistant VI

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Phone: 702-895-2386
Fax: 702-895-1010

Liane Lee '05 MPA

Director of Advocacy

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Phone: 702-895-2387

Eileen McGarry

Executive Director, Career Services

Eileen McGarry
Phone: 702-895-1366

Lynn Meadors

Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Lynn Meadors
Phone: 702-895-0616

Kassie Moore

Career Coach

Portrait of a woman
Phone: 702-895-4857

Matt Muldoon '09 MS

Regional Development Officer

Matthew Muldoon
Phone: 702-895-2795

Rebekah Patent

Development Officer, Annual Giving

Rebekah Patent
Phone: 702-895-2820

Renee Rivera-Ghelfi

Coordinator for Programs and Events

Renee Rivera-Ghelfi
Phone: 702-895-5560

Andrea Roa '19

Associate Director, Digital Philanthropy
Andrea Roa
Phone: 702-895-2149

Dominique Shelton

Administrative Assistant III

Portrait of a woman
Phone: 702-895-3495