The M.S. in Data Analytics equips students with technical skills that are used by professional data scientists for data analysis, visualization, predictions, and discoveries. This Master degree at UNLV utilizes the strengths of six colleges for computer programming, database technology, machine learning, management, and statistical techniques for data analysis in specific disciplines. The program covers applications in many industries and specialties such as health care, hospitality, social sciences, engineering, business, and government.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a basic level of technical knowledge related to programming, database management, and machine learning.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of in-depth knowledge of fundamental and basic statistical principles.
  • Formulate, update, and communicate results obtained from the data.


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Master of Science - Data Analytics


Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is nationally and internationally recognized for research in theoretical and experimental computer science. We are especially known in areas such as real-time algorithms, information retrieval, document analysis, parallel computing, language design, software engineering, computer science education, graphics, computational geometry, networking, information customization, cybermedia, and internet security.


Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

The College of Engineering provides students a well-rounded foundation in several engineering disciplines for a successful career in engineering and computer science. Through the hands-on, experiential education experience we offer, students are enabled to achieve excellence in their respective fields.