The UNLV Women’s Council (formerly the UNLV Status of Women Committee) has been in existence for more than 25 years. The Women’s Council meets with the president, provost, and senior advisors to the president to discuss areas of concern and to recommend administrative action to support a positive climate for women and families at UNLV.

Financial support for the creation of networking, communication initiatives, programming, and a modicum of administrative support has been provided and collaborative partnerships have developed.

The council is dedicated to ensuring that the voices of women at UNLV are heard and to driving UNLV’s commitment to the creation of an academic community in which women are respected, valued, and supported in their pursuit of personal and professional growth.

The Women’s Council has identified five key areas of focus:

  • Hiring, Retention and Assessment
  • Programming
  • Communication and Networking
  • Family Advocacy
  • Health and Safety


The mission of the UNLV Women’s Council is:

To ensure the voices of women at UNLV are heard and to advocate for a quality work life for women at all levels of the university. The council will contribute to the creation, implementation, and monitoring of initiatives designed to ensure that women are treated equitably and respectfully and are valued and supported in pursuit of their professional and personal growth.

Council Leadership

Involvement with the UNLV Women’s Council is open to all academic, administrative, and classified staff members who are interested in promoting and/or benefiting from the council’s mission. The council is led by a steering committee representing women from diverse backgrounds on campus. These women guide the work of the council and facilitate the council’s activities to achieve its mission.

2022-23 Women's Council Steering Committee

  • Shanna Kinzel: Chair
  • Patricia Violi: Vice Chair
  • Jeanne Price: Past Chair
  • Cynthia Carruthers: Emerita
  • Dana Angioni
  • Theresa Bouchér
  • Shellie Brattain- Mazzella
  • Brenda Buck
  • Joanna Jezierska
  • Christine Smith
  • Kat Hertlein