A lab with simulation manikin in the center of the room

Skills Lab

CSCLV has two clinical skills lab spaces, which are used by both the nursing students and the medical graduates and undergraduate students. The clinical labs are home to both low and mid-fidelity trainers such as the IV Arms, Chester Chest, NG and Tracheostomy task trainers along with Med Dispenses and Med Carts. Each room has a Smart Panel technology for the teaching faculty, a Doc Cam which allows a bird's eye view, and three projector screens.

A room simulating a hospital ward and nursing students listening to their instructor next to a simulation manikin.

Hospital Ward

CSCLV also provides students with a 12 bed hospital ward so that proper body mechanics and lifting techniques, as well as bedside manners can be taught to groups of 24 students at once. Additionally, this room has full range beds and lifts found in typical hospital settings. The hospital (bed) ward also functions as a skills lab, and many skills such as Foley catheterization and medication administration are two of the many possible skills that can be accommodated in the ward.

For questions about the skills lab, please reach out to csclv@unlv.edu.

  1. Students should conduct themselves in a responsible and respectable manner during skills labs.
  2. Students shall not use any medical equipment, trainers, or manikins without supervision or proper instruction from their clinical/lab instructors.
  3. Students are responsible for cleaning up, disinfecting work stations, and throwing away all trash in the proper disposal bins after they are done with the skills lab or practice/open lab.
  4. For the duration of the skills lab, if at any moment a task trainer or medical equipment breaks and/or requires maintenance, the clinical/lab instructor must contact the skills lab tech immediately.
  5. Students who borrow CSCLV equipment (i.e. gowns, BP cuffs, etc.) are responsible for returning equipment within their given deadline. (see CSCLV check out equipment form)
  6. If borrowed equipment is lost or broken, students are responsible for paying a $20 replacement fee to CSCLV.
  7. Videotaping on CSCLV campus is prohibited.

  1. All students, faculty and staff will use hand sanitizer and have a temperature check at the main entrance. Note: If a student has a temperature of 100.4 see booklet in COVID 19 screening box for next step.
  2. A mask will be given to each student, instructor and staff and it must be worn during the entire duration of the skills lab or open lab.
  3. Instructors are to assist with scanning their students during both skills labs and simulations. There will be no more than 10 people in a skills lab, including an instructor (the only exceptions are Bed Ward (119), SP 1 (126), and SP 2 (205)).
  4. Students and instructors should adhere to social distancing (6 feet apart) while they are in a skills lab or open lab.
  5. All personnel in skills labs will wear gloves when applicable and frequently wash their hands.
  6. Students are to disinfect trainers, manikins and medical equipment after a skill lab or open lab.