As a core laboratory, the SEB Cleanroom has equipment for the design, fabrication, and imaging of nano- and microstructures. The facility contains two rooms with extremely low levels of particulate matter, such as dust or other pollutants. One of the rooms has a class level of 1,000, meaning that it contains no more than 1,000 particles that are 0.5 microns or larger within a cubic foot; a second room is a Class 10,000-level clean room. Clean rooms are necessary for sophisticated research involving optoelectronics, high- speed electronic devices, and nanostructures, including carbon nanotubes.


Eric Knight

Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure
SEB 2103
Mail Stop: 4022


The SEB Cleanroom facility is managed by the Assistant Director of Research Infrastructure and access is controlled by the SEB Administrative Office. Those who wish to gain access into the clean room must first go through thorough training and purchase the approved gowning to maintain the integrity of the facility. To learn more about training, access control, and gowning please visit our Cleanroom Management page.


The Cleanroom is 2,500 sqft controlled environment centrally located on the first floor of SEB, adjacent to the North corridor and central service hall. It is comprised of a Gownroom, and technically three cleanliness classes: a Class 10,000, Class 1,000, and Class 100 wet benches. To learn more about the three area and their amenities, please view our detailed cleanroom space page.


The Cleanroom is outfitted with various equipment to suit the needs of a variety of different users as well as emergency equipment to ensure their safety. Please find more detailed information at our cleanroom equipment page.