Mission and Purpose

Navigators aim to effectively prepare students for university life and involvement at UNLV by connecting them to useful resources, providing one-on-one advising, professional development opportunities, and advocacy training. The Navigators program is committed to building a diverse and inclusive mentorship opportunity to ease students’ navigation through college and become student leaders who can recognize and address social injustices.


  • 1st or 2nd year (0-59 credits)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 credits
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Social justice interest and/or experience

Mentee Application

  • Professional development
  • Social justice advocacy training
  • Create a social justice project
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Social connection opportunities

Roles and Responsibilities

Graduate Assistant for Social Justice Programs

  • Responsible for professional development of mentors
  • Provides resources and communication between SDSJ and Navigators
  • Recruits Navigators and attends meetings with partners on and off campus to work in collaboration with Navigators
  • Conducts weekly check-ins with mentor advisor
  • Conducts check-ins with mentors once a month
  • Ensures accountability of all members

Mentor Advisor

  • Advises all mentors
  • Checks in with mentors bi-weekly
  • Reports to graduate assistant
  • Passes on resources and events to mentors
  • Provides topic discussions for peer group socials
  • Communicates with mentors through email and Groupme


  • Upperclassmen (60+ college credits) or graduate students with leadership experience
  • Work ten hours a week
  • Meets with mentees to provide support
  • Connects mentees with resources, places, and events
  • Maintain regular contact with mentees and mentor advisor
  • Reports to mentor advisor
  • Leads monthly peer group social


  • Underclassmen (less than 60 college credits) with social justice interest/experience
  • Utilize resources and attend events
  • Attend check-ins with mentors
  • Work with peer group to create an innovative social justice project

More Information Contact

Director, Dr. Leslie Doyle: leslie.doyle@unlv.edu

Nataly Calderon: nataly.calderon@unlv.edu