Members of the Undergraduate Council compiled a "Top Ten" list of tips for College of Sciences undergraduates.

  1. Students must ask questions.
  2. Most laboratory sessions are scheduled for three hours, and they meet for the full time. Prepare to be there for the full three hours.
  3. Professors do not always provide study sheets as study guides for exams. Students are expected to keep up with the material in class.
  4. Join/form efficient study groups. Also there are many pre-professional and student organizations on campus, such as Dental Prospects, Minority Science Student Program (MSSP), Chemical Interactions, Undergraduate Council, and a host of others.
  5. Register early for classes. Many classes fill quickly.
  6. Get to know your professors.
  7. There are research opportunities available through the College of Sciences. Inquire about them in areas where you have an interest.
  8. There are four libraries on campus.
  9. A vast majority of your time will be spent studying, including weekends. Always prepare early for exams.
  10. Arrive early for classes, especially on exam days. You may need the extra time.