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Work Orders

We offer assistance to our trained staff/students to get work requests submitted online. You may contact our Rebel Repair Help Desk for emergency or work order status inquiries at 702-895-5324 or [email protected].

Campus Life Staff and Student Responsibilities

  • Report items that are broken.
  • If unsure whether a work order is needed, contact your facility manager, residence assistant, residence life coordinator, or the Rebel Repair Help Desk.
  • Trained staff/students should submit work orders online and allow 24 to 72 hours for response unless the request is an emergency such as flooding toilet, cannot lock door, broken window, etc.
  • EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS should be called in during regular business hours to the Rebel Repair Help Desk at 702-895-5324.
  • Maintenance work requests are received and processed though the Rebel Repair Help Desk. Upon review, the work request will be approved or denied (if incomplete request) and a confirmation will be emailed to the requestor of work order status. Once a work order is completed, the requestor will also receive an email confirming completion.
    • When submitting a work order through the Rebel Repair Help Desk, website, email, telephone, or your facility manager, prepare to provide the following required information:

    • First and last name of requestor
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Confirmed space location
    • Accurate details describing the maintenance issue
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