Regents' Researcher Award

The Nevada Regents’ Researcher Award is given annually to one NSHE faculty member at UNLV, UNR, or DRI with a distinguished record in research. Although this award is intended for individuals, groups — who by their collaboration have made major advances — may be recognized as well. The intent is to select one individual (or group) for recognition each year. However, the selection committee may choose to send forward more than one recommendation in exceptional circumstances.

Recipients must be nominated for this honor, which carries a $5,000 stipend.

Nominations and Application Process

Award Timeline

  • Notification sent by Chancellor’s Office to NSHE campuses to begin the nomination process: late August/early September
  • NSHE Selection Committee formed: October
  • Campuses forward nominations to System Office: late October
  • Selection Committee evaluates all nominations: November
  • Vice chancellor’s meeting to recommend award recipients: December-January
  • System Office submits recommendations for award recipients to the Board of Regents: January-February

Composition of NSHE Selection Committee

  • Vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (nonvoting chair)
  • Research Affairs Council members: UNLV, UNR, DRI
  • Three external reviewers selected from a pool submitted by the Research Affairs council from UNR, UNLV, and DRI.
  • The recommendation of the selection committee shall be presented to the Research and Economic Development Committee for final approval.