Early Childhood Assessment and Training Center

Our Purpose

The purpose of the UNLV Early Childhood Assessment and Training Center is to provide assessments and training opportunities for UNLV students and staff, young children birth to 60 months, their families, and community members. The UNLV Early Childhood Assessment & Training Center is made possible through the UNLV Planning Initiative Award.

Families of children enrolled in the UNLV/CSUN Preschool and community-based programs have the opportunity to attend training sessions related to developmentally appropriate practice and assessment. This includes providing assessments and services for infants, and young children birth to 60 months including young children at-risk for or experiencing developmental delays. These services will be provided in a joint effort between the UNLV/CSUN Preschool and the Department of Educational and Clinical Studies.

UNLV Student Experience

The center will serve as a practice site for students studying early childhood, early childhood special education, elementary education, social work, nursing, and psychology. Students are encouraged to speak with their instructors and/or advisors about this unique experience.


The UNLV/CSUN Preschool recognizes the diverse needs, abilities, interests, and cultures in a setting where each child is valued and respected as a unique individual developing at his/her own rate. We believe that each child's development is guided by a cooperative team of professionals through observation, interaction, and well-planned learning activities. Through the promotion of a curriculum that provides age-appropriate and individually appropriate activities, equipment and materials, children have many opportunities to be actively engaged in the learning process. The curriculum will promote the development of the whole child-physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually through a balanced daily schedule of individual, small group, and activity-based learning experiences. We recognize the importance of working closely with families and acknowledge family involvement as an essential and vital component of the total learning process. Families are encouraged to participate in all activities within the program.


UNLV faculty and preschool administration will direct the center. A graduate assistant will act as a liaison between faculty, staff, students, and families. UNLV students will conduct training seminars, administer assessments, and work with teachers and families to develop intervention plans under faculty supervision. Staff participates in professional development, including coaching, mentoring in state and national conferences.


Participation in the UNLV Assessment & Training Center at the UNLV/CSUN Preschool is voluntary. Consent to participate authorizes the UNLV Assessment & Training Center to conduct a transdisciplinary assessment. The purpose is to assist families in understanding their child's development. It must be understood that this UNLV grant is run by UNLV students and faculty and that the assessment findings are for the sole educational purpose of promoting student learning and are NOT for outside referrals, services, or interventions.