Student Employment Application Process

1. Fill out application

2. Email for any questions

Practicum Student’s Guide

  • After you have checked in and received your practicum student badge, please silence your cell phone immediately.
  • Upon entering the classroom, ask staff where you may store any personal items (such as backpacks and purses) for the safety of the children.
  • Find a place to sit (chair/floor) and begin interacting with children. Follow the staff’s lead regarding interacting, assisting children, and encouraging their independence. Do not participate in toileting/diapering of children without the approval of the head teacher.
  • When their availability permits, meet with the head teacher to discuss and receive approval for your proposed developmentally appropriate daily activity with children.
  • Present your activity with enthusiasm. Interact with either an individual or groups of children without being directive or intrusive. Ask open-ended questions to facilitate language. For example, “what would happen if …?”
  • Give positive reinforcement to children and ignore negative attention-seeking behaviors. Allow children to work out their own differences unless they are being unsafe with one another. Ask for assistance from staff, as needed.
  • During large group time, participate by following the head teacher’s lead. Sing, dance, and redirect behaviors as modeled for you. In addition, assist preschool staff with snacks, lunches, distributing materials, and transition activities.
  • Upon leaving, make certain you take all of your personal items with you. Exit through the Lending Library so that you may check out and return your practicum student badge.
  • Practicum students are expected to exercise professional confidentiality while discussing observations made in the preschool. Names of children may not be used during classroom discussion or in written activities. Concerns that may warrant intervention regarding the behavior of a child, family member, or staff member of the preschool should be discussed with the head teacher or director.