Additional Information

General Information

Moving Services provides:

  • Work supervision by a personal project manager through completion.
  • Protection of all UNLV property at all times.
  • Tagging and marking of all items.
  • Expert handling of all office electronics and/or high-tech machinery.
  • Assembly, disassembly, and reassembly of employee work stations and cubicles.
  • Clean, late-model fleet of trucks equipped with hydraulic lift-gates, ramps, and multiple access doors to cut down on loading time.

Insurance Coverage

  • UNLV property is covered under UNLV’s property insurance program.
  • There is a $2,000 deductible for each incident. The department must file a property loss report and provide information about the damaged property to process the claim.
  • If Moving Services were to damage another department’s property during a move a property claim could be filed if the damages exceeded $2,000.
  • Damages under $2,000 would be the department’s responsibility.
  • UNLV property insurance does not cover personal property. Employees that have had personal property damaged by UNLV employees could file a claim with the State Attorney General’s office if the UNLV employee was negligent and caused the damage.
  • Risk Management provides information to employees on what to do when this situation occurs.

Delivery Service, Department Loss, or Damage Policy Statement

It is our policy to address, expedite, and make whole all individual or department customers in the event of a loss or damage claim.

Moving Services employees document and video all incidents where loss or damage occurs to record the exception.

Assessment and Estimates

  • All moves are best prepped by a pre-move inspection, assessment, service definition, timing commitment and price quote.
  • There is no charge for a moving assessment and estimate.
  • Please plan to arrange for pre-move assessments well in advance of your move date requirement to ensure that Moving Services can schedule your request without complication.
  • Moving Services will schedule move assessments with your schedule in mind during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m.).
  • Special arrangements can be made for moves outside of these hours.