Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assemble and/or disassemble office furniture?

We would appreciate the opportunity to view the job requirements and provide you with an estimate. Our ability to accommodate some requests may be limited. Our goal is to provide service wherever we can.

Are you able to reconnect computers, office equipment, flat screen TVs, etc?

We will attempt to accommodate simple connections; however, when technical expertise is required, we suggest you secure it. We will make that determination and advise you at the time of the job estimate.

Do the moving boxes have to be marked with where they should be placed at their new destination?

All items requiring specific location destinations, etc. should be clearly marked.

Are my items insured throughout the moving process?

Yes, subject to the terms of our policy, which we can provide prior to engagement. Our intention is to protect your goods through exemplary Moving Services. We will do our best to provide damage free service.

Is the equipment (including dollies, ramps, mover pads, shrink wrap, etc) free with the move?

We provide the equipment required to orchestrate a seamless, damage free, and timely moving experience. All specific requirements for the move will be communicated and confirmed during the pre-move estimate.