It is also a time for candidates to see if the position and UNLV meet their expectations and needs. Learn about the types of interviews we conduct.

Face-to-Face Interview

A face-to-face interview is a formal meeting between a job candidate and a university hiring official.

Face-to-face interviews are usually conducted on campus. During an interview, the candidate will be asked a series of questions to determine if he or she is the best-qualified person for the position. It is also a time for the candidate to present accomplishments and find out additional information about the university and the position.

Panel Interview

It is common in higher education to have several people involved in the interview. We refer to this as a panel interview.

A panel interview allows you to speak with two or more employees at the same time. This helps eliminate repeat questions for everyone. Remember, the more employees you speak with, the more information you will gain about the position and UNLV.

Phone Interview

Before a face-to-face interview, our search committees may conduct a phone interview.

A phone interview is a great way to begin the interview process and save time. Speak and conduct yourself in the same manner you would in a face-to-face interview.

On-Site Testing/Job Sampling

Some positions require civil service exams, job sampling exercises, and/or computer proficiency tests.

They are a part of our interview and selection process and are typically conducted on site.