New Application Process for Classified Positions

All applications for classified positions only must be submitted online using the Workday applicant portal. We do not accept emailed documents. You can to apply at any time using your own computer, tablet or mobile device. You may also utilize a computer at your local library, click here for a listing of Clark County libraries. If you need assistance in the application process, please contact UNLV Human Resources at 702-895-3504.

Read the job posting.

Each job posting provides detailed information about the role of the position and minimum qualifications so read the job posting carefully and ensure you meet the minimum qualifications before applying.

Create a Workday Candidate Home Account

In Workday, you must create a Candidate Home account before you can apply for a job posting. You may return to your account at any time using your login credentials and you can use your same login to apply for multiple positions. If you need to make changes to your application that has already been submitted, please contact UNLV Human Resources at 702-895-3504 or email us at

Closing dates for Classified Job Postings

Please be aware of the closing date on a job announcement. Completed applications with required documents attached must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the closing date or they will not be considered. 

Submit all required documents.

All submitted documents can be uploaded in any of the following file types with a 5 MB limit: Microsoft Word (.DOC or .DOCX), HyperText Markup Language (.HTML), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or Notepad (.TXT).

The job posting may require you to upload a cover letter along with your resume. A cover letter is an introduction letter that states your interest in the university. It can highlight your accomplishments and knowledge of the university. A cover letter should be concise and speak directly to the job qualifications.

Workday Professional Profile (Internal Applicants Only)

If you’re an internal applicant, you may update your professional profile in Workday, however, this will not replace submitting any required documents (cover letter, resume/CV, etc...) listed on the job posting as part of the application process. You can update your Professional Profile when applying for a job or by accessing the Career section under View Profile from your Workday account located in the upper right hand corner of your Workday Home page, look for your name and the cloud graphic.

Provide contact information.

In case the hiring department needs to reach you, please provide your primary phone number and email address when completing your application.