The Intersection is an academic resource center for UNLV students seeking information and assistance on a variety of topics that reflect the challenges they encounter in their academic life. Our services are available to all students, undergraduate and graduate, traditional and non-traditional. Our primary focus is demystifying the college experience for self-identified first-generation and students of color. If you want to maximize your college success, stop by and visit our office today.

We help you:

  • Translate university policies and procedures
  • Receive academic support, financial counseling, and advocacy
  • Learn how to register for classes 
  • Understand available university funding sources (financial aid, scholarships, stipends)
  • Navigate campus resources for each classification (grade level)
  • Identify available support services
  • Manage food insecurity by providing a food pantry (stocked with noodles, cereals, etc.) 
  • Engage in leadership development opportunities
  • Participate in peer mentoring activities
  • Secure assistance from local community partners
  • Develop competency skills and critical thinking abilities
  • Embrace responsibility and assessing outcomes
  • Receive cultural competence training 
Photo of people standing in front of the Intersection sign.

Emergency Funding 

The Intersection has created an emergency fund to assist UNLV students experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic event that may prevent them from continuing their education at UNLV. The Intersection Cares Emergency Fund is intended to ensure students make progress towards their degree. Visit our office in the Student Union or learn more about the Intersection’s emergency fund’s application process and eligibility requirements.

Supporting our Students (S.O.S.)

Additionally, the Supporting Our Students (S.O.S.) Emergency Fund is open to all currently enrolled UNLV students who meet the eligibility requirements.  Visit the website to learn more at

Additional Assistance

The Intersection collaborates with HOPE (Homeless Outreach Proactive Engagement Unit) led by the University Police Services Southern Command. HOPE officers assist homeless individuals with information and assistance to improve their situation and enhance student safety. For more information, contact University Police Services at 702-895-5575.