TiPS Mentorship

About the Program

The Intersection Partners (TiPS) Mentorship Program is a group mentoring program that aims to provide first-year students with a supportive relationship with a Partner, or peer mentor, who’s focused on promoting the overall success of the student. The program is designed to help and support first-year students in their social, personal and academic transition to UNLV. Partners serve as a resource, support system, and role model to new students while gaining the opportunity to learn about the first-year transition; develop communication, facilitation, leadership and other skills; and contribute to the university.

Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Mentoring relationships serve as vital components of academic, professional, and personal development. It is through these relationships that individuals learn about true responsibilities and day-to-day routines involved with their chosen career paths. Mentors help students develop links between education, research, and industry.

TiPs mentors support mentees in a variety of ways including connecting them to the campus community, developing a sense of purpose about being enrolled at UNLV, and acquiring the necessary skills to become independent and life-long learners. TiPs mentors also benefit as well. In the process of mentoring, mentors develop leadership skills, create and participate in service-learning opportunities, master key learning strategies, and experience the satisfaction that comes from serving others.

Want to become a mentor or mentee? If interested, please review the job description and requirements below and fill out the required submission form.

Mentors should:

  • Establish mentoring relationship guidelines (dates, times, locations, etc.)
  • Build trust and confidence in students through candid conversations
  • Expose students to activities related to their academic or career goals (research, meetings, professional organizations)
  • Be interested and concerned about a student’s academics (coursework and grades) and future employment goals
  • Encourage students to become involved in related student, community and professional organizations
  • Maintain FERPA standards

Mentees should:

  • Work with TIPS mentors to establish tangible goals of mentoring relationship
  • Be respectful of mentor’s guidelines: show up on time, do what you say you are going to do, always be prepared
  • Ask candid questions about student life, course work challenges, experiences in higher education, etc.
  • Be willing to become involved in programs and activities as suggested by mentors to establish networking opportunities
  • Be open to the experience of mentoring

Our Mentors

Juliana Selvaggi is a senior majoring in communication studies with a focus on sociology. Juliana is a transfer student from Chicago, Illinois. She plans to graduate in the fall of 2019 and hopes to work at her favorite clothing or shoe company at their corporate headquarters, where she would like to apply her communication and teamwork skills. Her passions include hanging out with her friends, hiking, volleyball, and eating sushi and tacos.

Celeste Melendez is senior majoring in kinesiology. Celeste was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas a few years ago. As a first-generation student, Celeste is actively involved in many extracurricular activities and groups. This includes being president of Kappa Delta Chi, a participant in the Grad Rebel Advantage program and undergraduate teaching fellow at the UNLV Math Learning Center. Once she graduates, she plans on applying to a physical therapy program in order to better the lives of children with neuromuscular disorders. Her favorite color is pink, and her spirt animal is an elephant.

Jasmin Avagyan is a sophomore majoring in biology. Jasmin is part of the Honors College, and the pre-dental society. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in the medical field and eventually start her own nonprofit organization. Her passions include helping others, cooking, traveling and most importantly, studying.