Build an Online Community

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Our overall purpose is to build an online community that supports the UNLV story and engages with our content.


  • Engage audiences by sharing photos and videos tell UNLV’s story and make our audiences proud to be Rebels or part of the UNLV community. Tell UNLV’s story by sharing the right content with the right voice.
  • Keep the UNLV community informed by sharing impactful news representing all campus units.
  • Listen and monitor conversations about UNLV, interact with those who leave comments and ask questions, and act on feedback received through social media.
  • Show prospective students what it’s like to be a Rebel by featuring experiences of current students and alumni from all academic areas.
  • Represent UNLV professionally and stay true to a strategic social voice in the communities that we belong to.

How do we accomplish these goals?

  • Create and share content that informs our community, inspires our audiences, showcases the Rebel spirit, and positions UNLV as a top-tier university.
  • Balance content on every platform with different types of posts (photos, videos, text, and/or links) and types of content (events, student, staff/faculty, alumni, and researcher profiles, historical information, light-hearted features, and university news). Not all content will be shared on every account (or in the same way); rather, we will target each type of content to the audiences specified for each platform.
  • Promote and leverage recurring campaigns by collaborating with units across campus to feature key university experiences and events.
  • Integrate with additional platforms, when appropriate. We will strategically share key social media posts on our websites, digital boards, and other platforms to show the impact of social content and feature positive stories from our community.
  • Stay timely with social media trends by monitoring conversations about our brand, UNLV experiences, Las Vegas, Nevada, and what our target audiences are interested in. Keep up-to-date with new and popular social media apps, styles, and platforms to engage our target audiences to the highest potential.
  • Use consistent message following the brand content guidelines and core messaging points.


Katy Griffin
Social Media Manager
Phone: 702-895-2059


Campaigns are one of the key ways to use UNLV’s main social media platforms to grow social media presence. Collaboration generates content that supports both our main social media platforms as well as associated departments and units.

A social media campaign should support both UNLV’s main platforms as well as a unit’s social media. Campaigns should have different components for each area so the social media content complements each individual platform without being repetitive or redundant. The goals are that a user who may follow each platform can see that it’s the same campaign, engage with it, but not see mirrored content. This will further grow audiences on each platform.

How should you start a campaign?

  • Look at our social media guidelines to help determine your audience, purpose, and logistics
  • Set goals for the content you want to promote
  • Meet with us to determine how to gather the right content and execute the campaign

Social Media Resources

Every platform is different—learn how to best use each one through these resources and guidelines.

Social Media Directory

Find social media accounts for the official UNLV platforms and our colleges, departments, and units. If you are planning to start a new social media account for your unit, contact us directly for more information on what to consider when setting up a new platform.