UNLV’s current campaign -- “Rebels Make It Happen” — draws its messaging from our core messaging.

The following templates are available to campus units, as they build materials that reflect our Rebels Make It Happen campaign, Units are encouraged to call Integrated Graphic Services for assistance with layout and design. Using these templates will greatly reduce design charges and also more easily allow us to facilitate any printing needs. All printing must come through IGS. For questions, cost estimates, template downloads, or general information related to using these templates, email Craig.Granger@unlv.edu.

IM&B Template Samples

RMIH Bifold Brochure

Bifold Brochure Template with headline, subtext and U.N.L.V. logo at the bottom with Rebels Make It Happen in the bottom right.

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Trifold Brochure

R.M.I.H. Trifold Brochure with headline, subtext, U.N.L.V. logo and the slogan Rebels Make It Happen

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Flyer Fact-Sheet

R.M.I.H. Flyer Fact-Sheet with a slogan in top left corner, image in the top, headline, custom text, and bullet points filling up the page. A side bar of custom text is on the left with the university logo in the bottom left corner.

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Print Ad 8-5x11

R.M.I.H. Print Ad with giant slogan in the upper right and image on the left. Custom text at the bottom with university logo beneath it.

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Print Ad FP 8-375 x 10-875

R.M.I.H. Print Ad for different dimensions of prints with Large slogan in the top right corner, image in the top left corner, custom text in the center and university logo bottom.

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Outdoor Unit Variation

R.M.I.H. Outdoor Unit Variation with an image on the left, university logo bottom left, slogan in the middle, and quote on the right.

Download Template (IDML File)

RMIH Print Ad Half Horizontal 8x4

R.M.I.H. Print Ad Half Horizontal with image on the left slogan in the middle, university logo in upper right, and custom text on the right.

Download Template (IDML File)