Effect of Responsible Gambling Programs on Player Satisfaction and Behaviour

Evaluation of the impact of a responsible gambling program as part of the greater service environment for both online and land-based gambling venues.

Esports, Gambling, and Integrated Resorts

A multidisciplinary look at or competitive video gaming, a rapidly developing segment of the sport and gaming industries. Our research takes on a variety of inquiries at both industry- and consumer-level, such as market and business model optimization and analysis of behaviors in game mechanics that parallel standard sports (skill-based components) and those that incorporate chance. These include servicescape and experience within esports gambling sites, lounges, and other physical and online spaces; responsible gambling within esports spheres; and gambling and gaming attitudes and behaviors.

Evaluations of the impacts of gaming expansion (e.g., in Canada, Boston, Singapore, and Japan.)

The IGI is frequently asked to provide research summaries to government, community, and industry organizations on economic impacts (business cannibalization, job creation, indirect and direct impacts) and social/community impacts (crime, problem gambling, and other concerns). This research has been presented on all six inhabited continents.

Problem Gambling Treatment and Evaluation: The Nevada Problem Gambling Study

Examines the impacts of all state-funded problem gambling interventions (financial, legal, and psychological) conducted by state-funded agencies. Develops and analyzes a longitudinal database with subject interviews at six month intervals. Funding agency: State of Nevada Health and Human Services.