UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) research will adhere to the highest academic standards of integrity, implementing procedures that go beyond those that are typically administered in university research settings. Our policies and procedures include strong and appropriate firewalls to ensure that funding sources do not have any influence over the findings of funded research. These standards and firewalls are based on accepted best practices in academic settings, and ensure transparency, objectivity, and research quality. All policies will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Contracted Research

Other organizations (governmental, industry, or non-profit) may submit proposals for contracted research to be performed by IGI and/or affiliated subject experts. These proposals will then be evaluated by IGI to determine whether a contract for such research will be prepared. Though organizations sponsoring research may be consulted during the research process, all final editorial decisions, including the final content contained within the deliverables, are made by IGI.

All IGI research follows the relevant steps outlined by the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO)’s internationally-recognized checklist for key points of good practice in research. The checklist can be viewed on UKRIO’s website.

To provide an additional layer of quality and academic review, all final deliverables on these projects that are issued with IGI’s name (e.g., white papers or final reports) will be subjected to an additional peer review process, in which a double or single-blind review is administered by an editor who was not involved as an author.

Universitywide Policy

The University’s policies and procedures can be found on the Policies page.

Constraints on Publishing

IGI does not allow contracted constraints on publishing academic manuscripts; final approval of written reports and manuscripts lies with IGI and not the funding agency.

Competing Interests

All IGI researchers file an annual report on financial and non-financial competing interests with their respective University affiliations.

UNLV IGI thanks International Gambling Studies, Nature, UK Research Integrity Office, UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation, and the International Association of Addiction Journal Editors, whose policies have helped create and frame IGI’s approach to research integrity.