IGI has set up a policy to provide a fragrance-free workplace environment for all employees and visitors to keep a safe and healthy workplace environment, as recommended by the American Lung Association. A fragrance-free environment helps create a safe and healthy workplace. Fragrances from personal care products, air fresheners, candles and cleaning products have been associated with adversely affecting a person’s health including headaches, upper respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, and difficulty with concentration. People with allergies and asthma report that certain odors, even in small amounts, can cause asthma symptoms.

The following policy applies to both employees and non-employee visitors of IGI:

  • IGI expects that all offices and spaces used by the staff and their visitors remain free of scented products.
  • Use of air fresheners and candles should not be used in IGI facilities.
  • Personal care products such as cologne, perfume, aftershave lotions, scented lotions, fragranced hair products and/or similar products should be worn in moderation.