Patents Pending

Easy Jack


Inventor(s): Matthew Stream
CGI Class of 2016

Easy Jack simplifies the strategy of Blackjack for a new, younger audience and to those who are intimidated by the complex rules and math behind traditional 21 Blackjack. Essentially, the game is one-card blackjack where the objective is to get close to 11 and not bust by going over. The odds are the same, but the simpler mathematical equations allow for more hands per hour and a better house advantage.


Slot Collector


Inventor(s): Troy Pettie & Zachary Tompkins
CGI Class of 2015

Slot Collector gives players the opportunity to collect upgrades like win multipliers, wilds, and free re-spins. Players can choose to activate an earned power up even after they know the result of the spin.


Line ‘Em Up


Inventor(s): Troy Pettie & Evan Thomas
CGI Class of 2015

Line ‘Em Up is a skill-slot game where players swap adjacent symbols to build as many horizontal, vertical, or diagonal paying lines as possible using a randomly generated number of available moves. The more lines created, the bigger the win as players exercise skill to maximize the payoff. Though the game combines video game play, skill, and slots, the house maintains a similar win percentage as traditional slot play.

Casino Dominoes


Inventor(s): Harold Moret
CGI Class of 2016

Casino Dominoes uses the scoring method of traditional all-fives dominoes to create a specialty table game playing experience with dominoes instead of playing cards. Each player receives three specially designed domino cards dealt and a single domino connector card, all face up. To win, the player must match a connector domino card with one or more dominoes in their hand to form a point total of 5, 10, or 15. The game also includes a side bet that pays when players are dealt two or more doubles dominoes.

Issued Patents


US Patent #9,811,977
: Andres Gonzalez-Roa & Mark Yoseloff
CGI Class of 2015

Babingo introduces a new and energetic way to play an electronic hybrid of bingo and keno. Players select their top 16 numbers out of 75 and arrange them in a 4x4 grid. Players make four wagers: on a 4x4 bingo card, a 3x3 bingo card, a 2x2 bingo card, and a 1 spot selection called the King spot. The smaller bingo cards are embedded inside the 4x4, which provides players 23 ways to win in a single game.

Build Your Bonus

US Patent #9,754,452
: Sarah St. John & Daniel Sahl

Build Your Bonus is an interactive skill feature addition to slot machines that allows the player to drag and place a number of slot icons into specific positions on the slot grid; certain grid positions have more value than others. Players use strategy to determine the best placement of the icons in order to improve their payout.


Color-Changing Gaming Objects

US Patent #9,720,649
: Daniel Sahl & Mark Yoseloff

Color-Changing Gaming Objects introduce a new element to traditional games: a random color-changing event that is triggered by a physical motion in gaming, such as spinning a roulette wheel or tossing a pair of dice. The outcomes of these Color-Changing Gaming Objects are certifiably random, providing a new twist and more volatility to traditional gaming experiences.

Shield Card Shoe

US Patent #9,895,599
: Brittney Martino
CGI Class of 2015

The Shield Card Shoe eliminates a recurring problem in casinos known as edge-sorting, a method of advantage gambling in which a player determines the value of face-down cards by observing subtle, unintentional manufacturing differences in the patterns on the backs. By shining light onto the cards during play, The Shield Card Shoe makes those imperfections impossible to track—without risking repetitive motion injuries or interfering with the dealer’s ability to deal cards.

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