Imagine living on a floor where other students share your same major or interests – consider a living-and-learning community. Beyond living with others who have something in common with you, there are many additional benefits. Residents in UNLV living-and-learning communities and special-interest housing generally maintain higher cumulative GPAs than both the general undergraduate population and other on-campus students not living in special-interest housing, and also report higher levels of satisfaction with their on-campus experience.

The Office of Housing & Residential Life will honor all living-and-learning community and special-interest housing requests first when making assignments. All requests and assignment decisions are contingent upon occupancy and space availability.

All Women

This community is available to any female student who chooses to live in a women-only living environment.

Location: Tonopah Community

Engineering Floor

The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Floor supports Engineering Majors through intentional outreach and efforts such as a dedicated computer lab on the floor outfitted with commonly-used software programs for Engineering students. The Engineering floor provides a cohort of future engineers to live, learn, problem solve, and socialize in a supportive environment.

Location: Tonopah Complex

Fine Arts Floor

Students majoring in UNLV's College of Fine Arts can opt to live on the Fine Arts floor. Supported by the College of Fine Arts, residents can network with other Fine Arts students, participate in programs designed for and by Fine Arts students, and have access to a baby grand piano in a designed music room. This community offers a great opportunity for those with a love of visual and performing arts to live, dine and study together.

Location: Tonopah Complex

Graduate/23 and Older

This community is composed of students who are either at least 23 years of age or pursuing graduate degrees at UNLV. This floor is intended to be a study-intensive, upper-class environment that will assist in supporting the needs of a student population that maintains multiple life commitments and varying schedules, affording the opportunity to live with a cohort of students who share like interests in the pursuit of academic goals.

Location: Upper Class Complex


Students from freshman through senior year who are enrolled in the Honors College at UNLV live in this community, building relationships with faculty and professionals in their area of interest. Study groups, social events, and other leadership programs help explore studies outside of the classroom. This is a community of peers who have some of the same courses as you and can assist you in studying for courses they have already taken. Students on this floor have received advising from Honors College advisors and have had informal programs with Honors College faculty members.

Location: Dayton Community


This community is designed for hospitality majors wishing to live and work with others who are also enrolled in the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality. It is a community of peers who have some of the same courses or who assist each other in studying for courses they have previously taken. Participants interact with faculty members in the hospitality college through programs that include mentoring opportunities, finding employment in the hospitality industry, internship opportunities, study groups, social events, and other leadership programs.

Location: Dayton Community

Howell Town

Named after John Howell, the first African-American to own land in Clark County, Nevada, Howell Town aims to create an environment that focuses on the history, prosperity, and enrichment of the African and Black Diaspora communities. Through the use of faculty, programming, and campus resources students will learn through personal and group discovery around issues of identity development, race, class, gender, and social norms. Howell Town is open to students of all backgrounds and identities.

Students who want to live in Howell Town are required to complete an essay and answer all questions on the following link.  Once Housing has reviewed all essays and responses to questions, students will be notified of their ability to reside in Howell Town or another community within Housing if not selected for Howell Town.  Thank you for your interest in Howell Town.

Location: Tonopah Complex

Stonewall Suites

This community is designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and educational living and learning environment for LGBTQ+ students and their allies, as well as being an inclusive environment for students who identify as any gender. All suites in the Stonewall community are gender inclusive; students may choose to live with other students of any gender. Students living in this community will have opportunities to further develop their identity through ongoing programming and connections to faculty, staff, and campus resources.

Location: Tonopah Complex


This community environment is a popular offering to many of our residents. Although study-intensive floors remain lively and fun places to live, residents who select these floors generally place a greater focus on their academics. Study-intensive floors are present to help you manage your environment in ways that help facilitate effective study habits. Residents on study-intensive floors have the liberty to choose their quiet hours like every other floor, but tend to choose more expanded quiet hours (and 24-hour courtesy hours) to create an environment conducive to studying.

Location: Tonopah Community