Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest speaker to the Rebel Investment Group finance class at UNLV. We welcome the opportunity to learn from financial professionals and look forward to beginning a conversation on how you can help the group by sharing your financial industry knowledge.

Prior speakers have found the RIG students to be attentive listeners eager to absorb advice, real world stories, and experiences. Interacting with working professionals affords the students an enhanced learning environment by allowing the students an opportunity to hear how it is "in the real world". This is invaluable knowledge to them as they are managing a real dollar portfolio with significant "real world" consequences and rewards.

We are truly grateful at the opportunity to learn from professionals working in the financial industry. Your generous gift of time and knowledge will enrich the learning experience of the Rebel Investment Group students and will be a building block on their path to becoming working professionals.

If you are interested in sharing by becoming a guest speaker please contact Dr. Michael Sullivan.

Furthermore, we would like to give recognition to our previous guest speakers. Thank you to those who have taken the time to share their knowledge with us. We are sincerely grateful for the wisdom, advice, and stories you have shared with us.

Investment Management Consultants
7390 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 290
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Senior Financial Advisor
Vice President
MNA Group
Merrill Lynch
450 N. Stephanie Street
Henderson, Nevada 89014

Heck & Associates
Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch
Las Vegas, Nevada