A worthwhile and significant way to support the Rebel Investment Group would be to donate to the fund via cash gift to the UNLV Foundation. Gifts to RIG will be funneled directly into the fund with a mission to grow contributions at a rate that meets or exceeds our benchmark.

Your cash gift will enhance the learning experience of RIG students in many ways. Increased resources allow the students to invest in a growing number of stocks ensuring a well diversified portfolio. Additionally, once the students have fully invested the initial fund balance, increased resources will allow the students to continue to add stocks to the portfolio without requiring them to sell existing stocks. But the benefits don't stop there. With the contributions of new and existing donors, comes a sense of confidence the students will not find elsewhere. For students to know that community members trust them to manage new dollars in a fiscally responsible way is the sort of trust not found in your average Finance class.

We truly thank you for your interest in supporting the Rebel Investment Group financially. Your generous gift will be used to enrich the learning experience of current and future Rebel Investment Group students. We are sincerely grateful for your faith in our abilities to responsibly manage new contributions.

To give a financial gift to the Rebel Investment Group, please click on the button below and follow the instructions on this page.

Giving Page Instructions

  1. Type in your amount, leave the pull-down menu as is, and click on "add donation".
  2. This will take you to the next page. You don't need to do anything in the "donation information" section unless you want to change the amount of your donation.
  3. *Important* In the "Additional Information" section, you must put "RIG, Student Managed Fund" in the "comments" section for this gift to be counted to the Rebel Investment Fund.
  4. Fill out the Billing info and Payment info like you would for any other online purchase. If your company matches your charitable gifts, please click on the box. If you are making this gift in honor or memory of someone, please fill in the "Tribute" section.