The America Reads and America Counts programs are federally funded programs providing students with the opportunity to tutor preschool and elementary school-aged children in reading and math. Students must be eligible for work study in order to receive an America Reads/America Counts award. These awards are given to departments with close affiliation to preschool- and elementary school-aged children.


  • Must have financial aid need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Undergraduate enrollment requirement of six credits/semester
  • Graduate/professional enrollment requirement of five credits/semester
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5
  • Graduate/professional cumulative GPA requirement of 3.0
  • May not replace or fill a permanent staff position
  • Enroll in classes at least half time to be eligible for your America Reads/America Counts position

To Apply

  • Visit the Career Services page to view and select a job.
  • Contact the America Reads/America Counts unit located within the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office to apply.
  • Interview for the position and be hired by the employer.

Your employer will help you complete all necessary payroll forms before you begin working and will notify the Work Study Unit of your employment.


The amount of pay you earn can't exceed your total America Reads/America Counts award for the school year. Additionally, UNLV limits students to a total of 20 hours of work per week from all UNLV employment opportunities. Students may work up to no more than 20 hours a week during times when school is not in session if funds are available.


Federal Work Study wages are taxable by the Internal Revenue Service for federal income tax purposes. Once you are hired into a Federal Work Study job and have completed all needed payroll paperwork, you will:

  • Keep a record of the hours you have worked.
  • Submit your timesheet to your employing department once every two weeks.
  • Receive a payroll check for the hours you reported.
  • Earn $9.50 per hour to $13 per hour – the federal government pays 100 percent of your salary.

Your Earnings Will Not

  • Be available to help pay your tuition and fees at the start of each semester.
  • Be counted against you in determining your financial aid eligibility on next year's FAFSA. When completing your FAFSA for the next upcoming school year, you can exclude your FWS earnings on the appropriate FAFSA line. Your America Reads/America Counts earnings can be excluded from your earned FAFSA income.


The America Reads/America Counts unit is located within the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, Room 230, Student Services Complex. Please contact the America Reads/America Counts Coordinator 702-895-4663 for additional questions.