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UNLV's Faculty Center services are made possible through the collaboration and contributions of many offices at UNLV, including:

  • Faculty Senate
  • Graduate College
  • University Libraries
  • Office of Diversity Initiatives
  • Office of Information Technology
  • Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Online Education
  • Office of the Vice President of Research and Economic Development


Tamara D. Herold

Associate Professor
A woman with glasses.
Office: GUA 5136
Mail Code: 5009
Phone: 702-895-5903

Joanna Kepka, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Residence, Political Geography
Headshot of Joanna Kepka
Office: RLL 144
Mail Code: 7003
Phone: 702-895-2348

Edwin Nagelhout

Ed Nagelhout headshot
Office: RLL 210
Mail Code: 5011
Phone: 702-895-1798

Jennifer Pharr, Ph.D.

Jennifer Pharr's photo
Office: GTW 324
Mail Code: 3063
Phone: 702-895-2006

William (Bill) Robinson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
William (Bill) Robinson
Mail Code: 6005
Phone: 702-895-3769

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