Headshot of Jennifer Pharr, Ph.D.

Jennifer Pharr, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department(s): Environmental and Occupational Health
Office: GTW 324
Mail Code: 3063
Phone: 702-895-2006
Email: jennifer.pharr@unlv.edu


Jennifer Pharr, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health's Environmental and Occupational Health Department. Her research interests include disparities in healthcare access/health service utilization of vulnerable populations, particularly sexual and gender minorities; disease disparities including HIV, mental health, and chronic diseases; barriers that impede and facilitators that enhance healthy behaviors such as HIV testing, preventive care, and disease prevention; the use of social marketing to promote health; the intersection of sport, physical activity, and health; and using sport to advance health, especially among women.

Research Specialties

  • Disparities in healthcare access /health service utilization of vulnerable populations.
  • Disease disparities. 
  • Barriers that impede healthy behaviors such as preventive care and disease prevention.
  • The intersection of sport, physical activity, and health.
  • The use of social marketing to promote health.

Mentoring Topics

Technical and scientific writing, faculty writing productivity, faculty writing groups, scholarship of teaching and learning coach, mixed methods research