Strategic Partnerships Advancing Research and Knowledge at UNLV (UNLV SPARK)


Nov. 1, 2023, 1pm to 5pm
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UNLV SPARK Sessions (Strategic Partnerships Advancing Research and Knowledge at UNLV)

Join us Nov. 1-3 in the afternoons in the Richard Tam Alumni Center for a series of workshops and discussions exploring support and resources for UNLV researchers!

Each afternoon is focused on a new theme:

  • Day One is all about Research Support and Resources on Campus.
  • Day Two is all about the enormous value university research brings to industry and how the best university-industry collaborations are born.
  • Day Three is a celebration of some of the most exciting innovations coming out of UNLV and a look forward at transformative new projects and programs on the horizon!

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UNLV faculty , industry, and community partners to Research and Economic Development

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Event Engagement Coordinator Office of Economic Development
Nicole Bayreder