The Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution Presents the Beecroft Lecture: Truth. Regardless of Reconciliation?


Feb. 21, 2023, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Thomas & Mack Moot Court Room


Professor Michael Moffitt (Philip H. Knight Chair at the University of Oregon, School of Law & Honors College) and Bobbie Conner (Director of Tamástslikt [Tah-MAHST-slickt] Cultural Institute, the tribally-owned museum on the Umatilla Reservation) will present the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution's 2023 Chris Beecroft, Jr. Memorial Lecture.

On June 3, 1850, five Cayuse Indians were executed for killing missionary Marcus Whitman and several other settlers, even though they almost certainly were not responsible. Their burial locations remain unknown, preventing repatriation, reconciliation, and healing. History presents no shortage of injustices. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions present opportunities in some contexts, but the fit is imperfect (at best) in others. What does the ongoing search for the burial locations of the Cayuse Five look like today, and what generalizable questions and perspectives might that search offer to those engaged in conflict resolution?



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Boyd School of Law
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