Research Bites: How to Create a Podium or Lightning Talk


Apr. 1, 2024, 3pm to 3:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Virtual and In-person


Creating a research presentation is a vital step in the research process. In this workshop, we will discuss how to create podium presentations as well as lightning talks. Specifically, we will address conventional approaches to presenting your research as well as more recent, dynamic types of oral presentations. Students presenting at the Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium are encouraged to attend this workshop.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn what distinguishes a podium presentation from a lightning talk
  2. Understand the parts that make up a conventional research presentation and how it differs from more contemporary approaches
  3. Discover how a research presentation can impact your professional development

Workshop Presenter

OUR staff

Admission Information

Admission is free and is open to all UNLV undergraduate students. Please RSVP on the Involvement Center to attend.

Contact Information

Office of Undergraduate Research