Next Level Mentorship Workshop


Feb. 22, 2024, 4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location



Elevate your mentorship journey and learn how to take your mentorship experiences to the next level. In this workshop, participants will delve into mentorship strategies, fostering meaningful connections with mentors and mentees, and developing skills that extend beyond novice mentorship practices. Graduate students will gain valuable insights and tools to enhance their mentorship relationships and propel their academic and professional growth. This workshop is open to all graduate students and is a great next step for those who joined us last fall for the Introduction to Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors and Mentees session. 

By participating in this workshop students will:

  • Dig deeper into mentorship skills and resources in order to take these practices to the next level.
  • Build transferable skills that will support academic and professional growth.

Speaker: Dr. Rochelle Hines, Associate Professor, Psychology

Admission Information

This workshop is open to UNLV students. Please log in to your Grad Rebel Gateway (GRG) account and click on The Grad Academy tab to RSVP for this workshop. If you do not have a GRG account, you will be prompted to create one.

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