HRPD Series- Building a Performance Culture: Clear Requests and Setting Expectations


Sep. 21, 2023, 9am to 10:30am

Office/Remote Location

Virtual via Zoom


One key to accountability in working relationships is to focus on communication. Offering objective, non-judgmental data that points to practical solutions leads to clearer communication and better results.

This training will help leaders ensure that commitments and agreements are made and kept, and if not kept they are openly dealt with constructively and in a timely manner. The training will describe clear requests vs soft asks and will provide time and space to practice clear requests. Effective requests are: Targeted, Actionable, Specific, Time-bound, and have a Yes/No inquiry (TASTY). We will also explore what happens when a request or assignment is not clear.

Facilitator: Mary Shaffran, leadership coach and executive consultant

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Office of Human Resources
Kahala Crayton


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