At the Horizon Line: Richard Saladino + Julie Meyers


Mar. 10, 2022, 8am to 5pm
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Jessie & Bryan Metcalf Gallery, 2nd Floor.


The joint exhibition, At the Horizon Line, is a revelatory glimpse into the design process behind an open call application for a wall mural inside UNLV’s Gateway Building. 

Created by Richard Saladino (Head Librarian at UNLV’s Architecture Studies Library) in collaboration with Julie Meyers (the Architecture Studies Library’s Operations and Student Supervisor), At the Horizon Line uses a series of seven stages or “walls” to move us chronologically through a mural design process that emphasizes the individuality of every person’s lived experiences. 

Subjecting the rigid typography of printed letters to a process of creative deconstruction, Saladino and Meyers creatively reformed them into a new language of color and shape. Beginning with handmade collages, the exhibition guides the viewer through digital sketches into large-scale oil paintings of the proposed mural design, and ends with a glimpse into the individual practices of the two artists. "All perspective conjures at the horizon line. We move through our lived experiences from our point of view within our respective environments,” says Saladino. 

Although the application was ultimately unsuccessful, this generous assemblage of ideas serves to highlight the kind of unseen labor that plays a vital role in any creative project.


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FA 145
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Alumni Association, Donna Beam Gallery, Department of Art