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Feb. 9, 2022, 9am to 11am
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Financial Planning, Budget and Analysis will be hosting OPEN LABS from Feb 7th-18th, 2022, in order to assist department self-supporting budget users with questions and troubleshoot any budget issues with no appointment needed. The schedule is listed below. To obtain access to the class please log into REBELearn and select the FPBA - Open Labs course. The lab link will be available through the registration process. If there are any issues, please contact your budget analyst.

When planning to attend an open lab please come prepared to share your screen along with any account or positions questions you have. As a reminder, the budget due dates have also been listed below. If there are any issues accessing the class, please contact your budget analyst.

Budget Due Dates
Self Supporting Accounts     03/04/22
Recharge Accounts*             03/04/22
New Accounts for FY23**   03/04/22
State Reallocations               04/29/22

*Budgets subject to recharge rate review will also have a rate review deadline to be distributed by the Controller’s Office.
**Accounts that will be new for the upcoming budget year.

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  1. Log into REBELearn
  2. Click browse course learning catalog
  3. Select View Classes for "FPBA - Open Lab Sessions"
  4. Select Enroll  (If you know the date and time you would like to attend)
  5. Select Attend (during the hours of the lab)

The Open Lab link is listed in the Course Overview which will bypass the enrollment process and take you to the class during lab hours (M-F 9-11 am, and 2-4 pm).

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