State Account Assignments
Fund State Fund Name Analyst
FD102 FD102 State Appropriation - Statewide UNLV Kathy Adams
FD104 FD104 State Appropriation - School of Law Kathy Adams
FD109 FD109 State Appropriation - School of Dental Medicine Kathy Adams
FD115 FD115 State Appropriation - Business Center South Kathy Adams
FD124 FD124 State Appropriation - University of Nevada, Las Vegas Kathy Adams
FD125 FD125 State Appropriation - Intercollegiate Athletics-UNLV Kathy Adams
FD126 FD126 State Appropriation - UNLV School of Medicine Kathy Adams
Self Supporting Account ASsignments
Unit Self Supporting Unit Name Analyst
UNLV01 UNLV01 College of Sciences Mani Caballero
UNLV03 UNLV03 College of Engineering Zhanlei Yao
UNLV05 UNLV05 VP Research and Economic Development Zhanlei Yao
UNLV06 UNLV06 School of Integrated Health Sciences Mani Caballero
UNLV08 UNLV08 Student Wellness Tina Burnam
UNLV09 UNLV09 School of Dental Medicine Zhanlei Yao
UNLV10 UNLV10 Office of Information Technology Mani Caballero
UNLV12 UNLV12 Academic Success Center Chelsea Herrington
UNLV13 UNLV13 School of Law Chelsea Herrington
UNLV14 UNLV14 Honors College Mani Caballero
UNLV16 UNLV16 College of Hotel Administration Mani Caballero
UNLV18 UNLV18 Graduate College Chelsea Herrington
UNLV19 UNLV19 Division of Educational Outreach Chelsea Herrington
UNLV20 UNLV20 College of Fine and Performing Arts Tina Burnam
UNLV21 UNLV21 Enrollment and Student Services Tina Burnam
UNLV22 UNLV22 School of Public Health Tina Burnam
UNLV23 UNLV23 Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach Mani Caballero
UNLV24 UNLV24 Academic Affairs Mani Caballero
UNLV25 UNLV25 Provost Mani Caballero
UNLV27 UNLV27 School of Nursing Chelsea Herrington
UNLV28 UNLV28 Libraries Tina Burnam
UNLV29 UNLV29 Intercollegiate Athletics Erin Messer
UNLV32 UNLV32 Student Affairs Tina Burnam
UNLV33 UNLV33 College of Liberal Arts Chelsea Herrington
UNLV34 UNLV34 Lee Business School Chelsea Herrington
UNLV37 UNLV37 Police Services Mani Caballero
UNLV39 UNLV39 VP Integrated Marketing and Branding Zhanlei Yao
UNLV40 UNLV40 UNLV Medical School Meliscia Gilbert
UNLV41 UNLV41 CFO UNLV Business Affairs Meliscia Gilbert
UNLV42 UNLV42 Thomas and Mack Center Tina Burnam
UNLV43 UNLV43 College of Education Chelsea Herrington
UNLV44 UNLV44 College of Urban Affairs Zhanlei Yao
UNLV45 UNLV45 Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Zhanlei Yao
UNLV46 UNLV46 Student Life Tina Burnam
UNLV47 UNLV47 Univ Wide Programs Erin Messer
UNLV49 UNLV49 President's Office Zhanlei Yao
UNLV50 UNLV50 Economic Development Chelsea Herrington
UNLV51 UNLV51 UNLV Human Resources Zhanlei Yao
UNLV52 UNLV52 Division of Diversity Zhanlei Yao