Fall 2023 Poetry Promise Workshops at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art


Oct. 7, 2023, 11am to 1pm
Show Recurring Dates
Portraits of four people, rendered as line drawings, float against a pink and yellow background. They smile. One holds flowers. Two of them are making friendly eye contact with the viewer.

Andrew Romanelli, Solid Truth, Paul Stoddard, SamRay. Illustration by Chloe Bernardo. 


Let our art inspire your poetry. Spend time discussing our exhibitions with a professional local poet before using the art to generate literary creations of your own. 

Developed in partnership with Poetry Promise, Inc., a nonprofit organization that advocates for poetry and literature throughout the Las Vegas Valley, each workshop in this one-month series will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday from October 7 through to October 28, 2023. Participants will consider artworks from one of the following exhibitions: The Emotional Show, Tailings, and Lined and Torn: Paper Works from the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art Collection. The artworks vary from giant inflatable sculptures to painting, drawing, video, photography, and more. The discussions will cover a range of stimulating topics, including the importance of emotional honesty and questions of identity and personal narrative. 

Featured Poets

Join us on one or all of these dates to meet the following poets.
Oct. 7: Andrew Romanelli

Andrew Romanelli is a community activist and a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. He has peeled potatoes, bussed tables, collected debts, hustled on wide boulevards, hawked shoes, cigarettes, delivered hair products, and provided customer service for inmates across the country. In facing the worst within us, he surrenders daily to the best-possible of us. He is a boy who cannot be pulled away from the beauty inherent in the discarded. Previously the assistant poetry editor of Helen: A Literary Magazine, he received the Poetry Promise John Oliver Award in 2018. In 2022 he published his first poetry collection, ROTGUT, through Zeitgeist Press. 

Oct. 14: Paul Stoddard

Paul Stoddard loves to create the space to collaborate and grow with other poets in whatever form they come: young, old, animal, plant, or the voices in the wind. He works as a teacher in the Las Vegas Valley where he attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, graduating with his MS in Literacy in 2020. He’s taught and learned with students since 2013. 

Oct. 21: Solid Truth
Solid Truth (Ida Marie Collins) is an award-winning poet with 17 years of experience curating, producing, and hosting hundreds of spoken word poetry events, webinars, and workshops. She has also appeared in numerous stage plays. As the founder of SOLID TRUTH LLC and Solid Truth Entertainment LLC, she enjoys being a teaching artist and is an advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her ultimate goal is to travel internationally as a motivational speaker and empowerment coach. Solid Truth is a complex and constantly evolving combination of spiritual energy and cerebral optimism who unapologetically shares her truth using the power of spoken word poetry to enlighten, motivate and empower.
Oct. 28: SamRay

SamRay is a fresh face to poetry, but growing up with the Strip as her backyard it's no wonder this poet knows how to captivate a crowd. The multi-talented 26-year-old has featured at places like Cork and Thorn and the Utah Arts Festival. Her poetry is truthful and raw, and she doesn’t shy away from heavy topics  Whether it be acting, singing, or poetry, Sam is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Admission Information

The workshops will take place at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at UNLV on October 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2023. Participation is free and parking on the UNLV campus is free of charge on weekends. Masks are recommended.

All of the Museum’s current exhibitions will be on view until March 16, 2024.

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Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art

External Sponsor

This project is supported in part by Nevada Humanities, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the State of Nevada’s Nevada Fiscal Recovery Grant.