Choosing and Being Chosen: How to Select a Graduate Program & Get Them to Select You


Nov. 7, 2023, 12pm to 1:15pm

Office/Remote Location



Learn how to choose a graduate school program that is right for you! Hear from admission reviewers on what stands out to them when they are reviewing applications. Get advice on admission requirements and what to expect when you are applying to different schools and programs.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to choose your graduate program (e.g., programs offered, size & location, competitiveness, accreditation, and credentials) 
  • Better understand what you can do to stand out (volunteer experience, internships, and work experience)
  • Receive admissions advice (how many programs & schools you should apply to)

Admission Information

This workshop is open to UNLV students. Please log in to your Grad Rebel Gateway (GRG) account and click on The Grad Academy tab to RSVP for this workshop. If you do not have a GRG account, you will be prompted to create one.

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