Academic Job Search Demystified Series: Etiquette, Communicative Competence, and Professionalism


Feb. 20, 2024, 12pm to 1pm

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Graduate College, University Gateway Building, Gather Rooms 268 & 269


Navigating the academic job market is not just about your qualifications; it's also about how you present yourself, communicate, and conduct yourself professionally. In this workshop from the Academic Job Search Demystified series, an expert faculty panel will share essential guidance on the interpersonal and professional skills required to stand out and succeed as academics and throughout the job search process.

By participating in this workshop students will:

  • Learn key practices to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining professional conduct and proper etiquette in academic settings.
  • Learn how to confidently communicate about yourself, your scholarly accomplishments, and your transferable skills during the academic job search process.

This is part of a six-part series during the 2023-2024 academic year: Preparing for your Application Materials; Preparing your Job Talk; Preparing a Teaching Demonstration; Preparing for a Multiple Day Interview; Etiquette, Communicative Competence, and Professionalism; Negotiating your Job Offer.

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This workshop is open to UNLV students. Please log in to your Grad Rebel Gateway (GRG) account and click on The Grad Academy tab to RSVP for this workshop. If you do not have a GRG account, you will be prompted to create one.

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