Popular Culture Review

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Learn more about the journal, upcoming Special Issues, and how to submit your articles for consideration.

Popular Culture Review seeks to publish compelling, well-argued, and well-researched articles on a variety of topics related to popular culture. While film, television, literature, and video games are common popular culture subjects, we wish to broaden the journal’s exploration of popular culture as well. Examples might include regional popular cultures, popular culture and food, popular culture in previous decades or eras, popular culture and social media, popular culture and music, and the like.

Submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process.

Popular Culture Review comes out twice a year – A winter issue published in February and a summer issue published in July. Our winter issues are general, covering all aspects of popular culture and our summer issues are focused on special topics as outlined below.

The submission deadline for the winter issue is January 10th for that year’s issue and the deadline for special issues is June 10th of that year.

Please visit the journal’s official webpage for complete submission information and information about the journal, general issues, and special issues. You can also read past issues online.