Master of Health Care Administration

The Master of Health Care Administration Degree Program is the only graduate Health Care Administration program in the Nevada Public University System (NSHE). The M.H.A. will prepare students to assume leadership roles in health care organizations. The degree is recognized in the health care field as an important credential that allows graduates to assume health care management positions. The curriculum is developed to include all the critical competencies for health care leadership, including issues of health care delivery, health care finance, ethical and legal issues in health care administration and management topics. Students and faculty will contribute though research and service to the knowledge and applications of management in health care; and they will use their education and expertise to help meet the health care management needs of the State of Nevada and beyond.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand determinants and trends of population health and assess community needs for health care.
  • Describe the economic, legal, organizational, and political underpinnings of the US health system.
  • Apply the principles of economics, management, and strategic planning in health care organizations.
  • Demonstrate leadership, communication, and relationship management skills for managing a health care organization.
  • Apply finance, accounting, marketing, information technology, quantitative, planning, and management skills for successful administration of health care organizations.
  • Build up professional ethics and behaviors.
  • Utilize above skills necessary for advancing career in health care management.