Past Outstanding Graduates

Winter 2019

Pearl Kim: Ph.D. in Public Health
Ei Myint: B.A. in Economics; minors in Math and Psychology (Honors)
Daniela Rodriguez: B.S. in Biological Sciences (Honors)
Alexandro Velez: Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Spring 2019

Dominic Armendariz: B.S. in Architecture (Honors); Business Administration minor
Valarie Burke: Ph.D. in Sociology
Rebecca Xinke Cao: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; B.A. in Computer Science
Nicholas Forester: B.S. in Mathematics; Aerospace Studies minor
Saruna Ghimire: Ph.D. in Public Health
Tiffany Pereira: M.S. in Biological Sciences
Karessa Royce: B.S. in Hospitality Management
Ashley Schobert: B.S.B.A in Economics and B.A Political Science (Honors); minors in Brookings Public Policy and Spanish

Winter 2018

Kevin Ashi: B.S. in Biological Sciences; French Minor, Honors College
Schetema Nealy: Ph.D. in Chemistry (Chemistry Education)
Glahnnia Rates: B.S. in Public Health
Surbhi Sharma: Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology

Spring 2018

Sabrina Mae Antonio: B.S. in Biological Sciences; B.A. in Psychology; Neuroscience minor
Breanna Boppre: Ph.D. in Criminal Justice
Darrian Carroll: M.A. in Communication Studies
Katelyn DiBenedetto: Ph.D. in Anthropology
Eshani Gandhi-Lee: Ph.D. in Chemistry
Casey Moore: B.S.B.A in Finance: B.S.B.A in Management; B.S.B.A in Information Management
Zakai Olsen: M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Yana Ryjova: B.A. in Psychology, Honors College

Winter 2017

Josh Adams: B.S. in Applied Physics; Mathematics Minor
Randy Dexter: B.A. in Communication Studies
Jacqueline Phan: M.S. in Biochemistry
Vivian Sam: B.S. in Biology (Ecology)
Qi Shen: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Spring 2017

Casey Barber: B.S. in Public Health (Honors)
Kevin Briggs: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Briceida Hernandez-Toledo: B.A. in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hannah Kelley: B.A. in Secondary Education (Honors)
Janet King: Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
Nemanja Novakovic: B.S. in Biochemistry and Biological Sciences (Honors)
Meghan Pierce: Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
Naveen Veeramisti: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Winter 2016

Hunter Hopewell: B.A. in Film (Honors)
Michelle Mezher: Ph.D. in Chemistry
Tyler Stalbaum: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Tippetts: B.S. in Biological Sciences (Honors)

Spring 2016

Sara Beth Brooks: B.A. in Communications Studies
Hongbin "Fred" Jin: Ph.D. in Public Health
Larmaya Kilgore: B.A. in Education
Alex Lopez: B.S.B.A. in Finance; Economics minor
Erica Marti: Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering
Diana Pena: B.S. in Biological Sciences
Margie Toves: M.A. in Social Work
Kaiyang Wu: M.A. in Economics

Fall 2015

Kiran Mathew: B.S. in Biological Sciences
Kayla Shim: B.S.B.A. in Accounting
Ludwing Vaca: M.A. in Architecture

Spring 2015

Tyler Bergsten: B.S.B.A. in Finance
Tamaki Horiuchi: M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Emily Sauer: B.S.B.A. in Marketing
Kevin Tamadonfar: B.S. Biological Sciences
Stephanie Weiss: D.M.A. in Vocal Performance

Fall 2014

Van Vo: Ph.D. in Chemistry
Krystal Belmonte: B.S. in Biological Sciences

Spring 2014

Spencer Armuth: Ph. D. in Dental Medicine
Bradley Davey: B.A. in German
Robin Gonzales: B.A. in Political Science, English; Brookings Minor
Kylie Wassell: B.S. in Secondary Education
Michael Webber: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

Fall 2013

Gabriella Chong: B.A. in Psychology
Sanae El Ibrahimi: Master of Public Health

Spring 2013

Alexia Hsin Chen: Master of Architecture
Matt Heuton: B.S. Biological Sciences, School of Life Sciences
Ed Mausolf: Ph.D. in Radiochemistry
Nervik Roy: B.S. in Biological Sciences, School of Life Sciences
Abigail Hasberry: Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction
Brett Abarbanel: Ph.D. Hotel Administration
Annie Bouck: B.S. Civil Engineering
Anthony Alegrete: B.S. in Marketing
Ernesto Zamora: B.S. in Computer Science

Fall 2012

Sarah Trabia: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Lowe: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Spring 2012

Joseph Asante: Ph.D. in Geoscience
Ann Marie Frappier: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Sharon Jalene: B.S. in Kinesiology
Aubrey Knavel: D.M.D in Dental Medicine
Daniel Vincent Lacambacal: B.S. in Biological Sciences
Jennifer Pharr: Ph.D. in Public Health
Ricardo Rios: B.A. in Psychology
Jamie Smith: B.A. in Criminal Justice
Karla Washington: B.S. in Hotel Administration, Civic Engagement/Leadership Minor

Fall 2011

Dominic Henriques: Master of Health Care Administration and Policy
Michael Johnson: M.S. Nursing
Amanda McAtee: B.A. History
Junichi Miyamoto: B.A. History
Emily Tamadonfar: B.S. Biology

Spring 2011

Cody Bremner: B.S. Athletic Training
Sean Comeau: M.P.H. Public Health
Leisl Carr Childers: Ph.D. History
Shipra De: B.A. Economics, B.A. Computer Science, B.S. Math
Courtney Waldron: B.A. Economics
Elian Aljadeff-Abergel: M.S. Sports Education Leadership

Spring 2010

Leonardo Banchik: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Harmoney Ricley: B.A. Accounting
Marissa Nichols: M.Ed. School Counseling
Ordene Edwards: Ph.D. Education Psychology
Hilary Billings: B.A. Psychology
Lora Griffin: B.S. Geoscience
Xavier Glaudas: Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution Biology
Fred Krauss: Ph.D. Sociology

Winter 2010

David Basta: B.S. Biological Sciences
Kristin Guthrie: B.A. History, B.A. English
Jeremy Houska: Ph.D. Experimental Psychology
Tereza Jezkova: Ph.D. Life Sciences

Spring 2009

Thomas Willis: B.F.A Fine Arts
Emily Powers: B.A. Political Science, B.A. English
Kyle Ethelbah: M.P.H. Public Health
Diane Welch: J.D.
Thomas Welch: M.P.H. Public Health
Ken Hynes: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Davis: B.S. Business Administration
Yungson (Sunny) Kim: Ph.D. Hospitality Administration
Dayne Jensen: D.M.D. Dental Medicine

Winter 2009

Rodelin Anthony: B.A. Journalism/Media Studies, B.A. Political Science
Matthew Cutler: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Kris Buchanan: B.S. Computer and Electrical Engineering
Traci Ruppert: M.S. Special Education
James Allen Nott: Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ivan Turnipseed: Ph.D. Hospitality Administration
Timo Hofmann: Ph.D. Chemistry

Spring 2008

Lillian Ratliff: B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Math
Jacob Ludwig: M.S. Mechanical Engineering
Jeffery Halsell: Ph.D. Educational Leadership
Nita Tallent-Halsell: Ph.D. Life Sciences
Devin Johnson: D.D.S.
Sequoia Holmes: B.A. Psychology
Cristobal Neblina: B.A. Psychology
Hilary Heap: B.A. Criminal Justice
Michael Gordon: M.S. Public Administration
Lara Carver: Ph.D. Nursing

Winter 2008

Ilene Ruhoy: Ph.D. Environmental Science and Policy
Hamidou Diawara: Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Juan Plata: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
David Cotter: B.S. in Biological Sciences
Elsie Hernandez: B.A. in Elementary Education

Spring 2007

Catherine Prato: M.S. Nursing
Daniel Brown: B.S. Architecture
Thuri Seneviratne: B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Evelyn Flores Rangel: B.A. Political Science, B.A. English
John Sia: B.U.S. University Studies
Kristal Sauer: B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.A. Computer Science
Sonya Horsford: Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Winter 2007

Sherry McKnight: B.A. African-American Studies
Tony Terrell: M.Ed. Education in Higher Education Leadership
Mae-Li Amick Allison: M.A. Communication Studies
Zachary Quine: B.S. Physics
Rebecca Hoffer: B.A. Political Science
Valerian Kwigizile: Ph.D. Engineering
Larry Johnson: B.A. Social Science Studies

Spring 2006

Janine Daugherty: B.A. Human Resources Management
Shana Goffman: M.S. Water Resource Management
Jean Hertzman: Ph.D. Educational Leadership
Telma Lopez: B.U.S. University Studies
Bob Ain: M.S. Mathematics
AmiJo Comeford: Ph.D. English
Lori Emptage: B.S. Health Care Administration
Archana Nelliot: B.A. Biology

Winter 2006

Stacy Raagas: B.S. Mechanical Engineering
MariJo King: B.A. Psychology
Scott Matthew Kohen: B.A. Film Studies
Bruce Ollstein: MBA Master of Business Administration, M.A. Hotel Administration
Zhen Xie: Ph.D. Biology
Angela Hernquist: Ph.D. Educational Leadership

Spring 2005

Norah Campbell: M.A. Foreign Language Studies
Chelsie Campbell: J.D.
Karen Kesterson: Ph.D. Biological Sciences
Anthony Allen: B.A. Communications
Stephanie Mrozek: B.S. Geology
Henry Schuck: B.A. Hotel Management, B.A. Accounting
Jessica Adler: B.A. Hotel Administration, B.A. Political Science
Louis Amundson: B.U.S. University Studies
Bradley Mayer: B.S. Economics