The University expects students to pay their student accounts when due. Failure to pay on time does have consequences that may include late charges, registration/transcript holds, restricted access to institutional loans, and ultimately referral of their debt to an outside collection agency.

The University works with students who are past-due whenever possible. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the University if arrangements are necessary. However, if no response to our inquiries is received or no cooperation is forthcoming, the University will proceed with formal collection action. When an account is referred to an outside collection agency the past due account will be reported to all national credit bureaus. Please be aware that unlike consumer credit card debt, past due amounts owed to governmental agencies may stay on a credit report for an indefinite period — they do not "go away" after a few years. These items may create difficulty at a later date when applying for a home mortgage or other types of credit.

Once the account is referred to an outside agency, students will be contacted by a representative of that agency. Payments are then made through that agency - not to the University. The University will not accept payment on these accounts as they are now the property of the collection agency Students will also be liable for collection fees in addition to the University account balance. Students, like any other debtor, have certain rights under Federal law.

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Collection Timeline
Step Time From Due Date Action
1 6 weeks prior Send first statement to student. This provides the costs as of that day. This is a reminder of fees due.
2 3 weeks prior An e-bill is sent to student with reminder to check student’s account online. This is another reminder of fees due.
3 First day of instruction Late fees begin assessing daily up to the established maximum rate.
4 1st day of instruction for Fall & Spring Pre-Purge emails are sent to notify students with a past due balance that non-payment may result in enrollment cancellation for the term.
5 End of 1st week of instruction for regular Fall & Spring term Student’s accounts with no significant payment will be purged (disenrolled) from the University.
6 4 weeks Statement sent to all students with outstanding balances.
7 8 weeks Postcard/e-bill is sent to student to check student’s account online.
8 11 weeks Statement sent to all students with outstanding balances.
9 15 weeks Postcard/ e-bill is sent to student to check student’s account online.
10 End of semester Letter sent to student giving final notice prior to sending to collections.
11 3 weeks following end of semester Accounts turned over to a collection agency.