Faculty/Staff Resources

UNLV Support Team

If you feel concerned about a student or believe a student may be in distress, you may refer them to the UNLV Support Team, an integrated team of professionals on campus committed to helping students connect with resources on campus that will support them with overall academic and psychosocial success.

Complete a UNLV Support Team Referral


Concerned about a student? Visit the Kognito website to learn effective ways to initiate a conversation with students so as to build resilience, strengthen relationships, and connect students with support. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Create a new account (or login if an account is already made)
  2. Use the enrollment key: unlasvegas
  3. Launch “At Risk for Faculty & Staff”


CAPS aims to create a campus safety network where faculty and staff can proactively respond to students of concern by bringing students to essential support services on campus. Faculty or staff who are concerned about a student and would like to consult may call 702-895-3627 and request to speak with a counselor. CAPS also collaborates with several offices and departments on campus to provide consultation and outreach services on topics relevant to student wellness, professional development, and mental health concerns.