Outreach/Educational Programming


CAPS Outreach programs provide a variety of services on the UNLV campus to increase awareness of mental health resources available. In an effort to foster a wellness-oriented campus culture, the outreach program collaborates with campus offices, departments, and student organizations to develop campus-wide programming to educate the community on the multidimensional concept of wellness, as well as to promote healthy behaviors that serve to maintain and enhance each of the dimensions of wellness. Programming includes (but is not limited to) tabling events, presentations, and workshops. Examples of outreach events include New Student Orientation(s), Love Your Body Day and Alcohol Awareness event tabling, and Stress Management workshops.

Please note: Staffing for outreach requests is dependent on staff availability and programming specifics. Please submit requests at least two weeks in advance of the event date for best availability.


Student Wellness offers a variety of psychoeducational workshops throughout the year targeting general needs of the student population. Workshops focus on skill building and increasing awareness of mental health concerns and how to decrease symptoms of distress for commonly occurring concerns.


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