Adjusting to college can be exciting, daunting, and nerve-racking.

UNLV is proud to present the YOU at UNLV portal, the first technology of its kind to personalize campus resources to the individual user. It’s as intuitive and informative as social media, but maintains your privacy and anonymity.

This online portal exists to help UNLV students succeed in academics and career readiness, thrive in areas of personal wellness, and matter by finding motivation and involvement. In each of these three core areas, users can take “Reality Check” quizzes to assess their current strengths and challenges. Based on this secure information, the system serves up on-campus resources, wellness tips, modules, and other helpful tools based on your needs. From here, the student can save resources, commit to take action and set goals.

Because the portal is so personalized, it adapts to your experience as your stressors, lifestyle, and needs change throughout college. Anyone with a UNLV email address can log onto YOU to create a profile to learn about intramural sports, volunteer opportunities, transition resources and more. Add YOU to your list of reliable places to turn when you need to reach out, reflect, or refresh.

Visit the YOU website to get started.