Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I seek counseling?

Your college years are an exciting and challenging time. Academic and environmental demands can be highly stressful. You may feel anxious or depressed and alone. These feelings can sometimes interfere with academic performance, social relationships, and your physical health. Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) can help you manage your feelings so that you can make the most out of your college experience. Our clinicians are trained to help you work through problems commonly experienced by college students of all ages and backgrounds.

How do I schedule an appointment with a clinician?

All students’ interested in therapy at CAPS must first schedule an Initial Consultation with a clinician for a thorough assessment, at which point treatment recommendations are provided (that may or may not include CAPS services). Please call 702-895-3627 to schedule an Initial Consultation. If you are looking to see a clinician in a moment of crisis you can do so by calling or walking into CAPS during our regular business hours. Please note that you will need to complete forms and there may be a wait if the triage clinician is meeting with another student.

How long is an initial consultation?

Initial consultations are generally an hour and a half long. The first 30 minutes are for paperwork and screening assessments and the last hour is meeting with a clinician.

Why, at times, is it hard to get an Initial consultation appointment?

Initial consultations are scheduled up to two weeks in advance. Once all the available initial consultation time slots are filled for the next two weeks students must wait until additional initial consultation slots are open to schedule for future dates. Students in crisis may be seen during open hours for walk-in crisis services.

Can I pick the type of therapy I want?

When you meet with a clinician, the clinician will make a recommendation for therapy options, based on presenting concerns. This may include a variety of services including individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, or long-term, open-ended therapy in the community.

How long is the waiting list to be assigned for CAPS services?

If your initial consultation clinician recommends CAPS services, including individual, couples, or group therapy, the wait can vary depending on the demand. After completing the initial consultation your clinician will talk with you about the wait time.

If I am referred for individual therapy at CAPS, can I pick the clinician I want to see?

If your intake clinician refers you for individual therapy at CAPS, you can certainly make your request known to your Initial consultation clinician; however your assignment can depend on the requested clinician’s current caseload. In some cases this may also increase your wait time.

How do I get an appointment with the psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse practitioner?

In order to see the psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse practitioner you will need a referral from one of the CAPS clinicians. Therefore, you will need to schedule an initial consultation with CAPS first. The intake clinician will refer you for an assessment with the Behavioral Health Team when appropriate.

Is there a fee for the services in Student Wellness?

Students must be currently enrolled at UNLV and pay appropriate health fees to be seen within Student Wellness. CAPS does not charge any office visit fees. Some students are asked to complete additional specific assessments at follow-up for a nominal fee; however the assessments and charges would be discussed with the student in advance.

Why do I have to complete screening assessments every time I check in?

These assessments help clinicians to gather information about your presenting concerns and gauge your progress in counseling.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you know that you need to cancel an appointment in advance, please call the CAPS front desk at 702-895-3627 to cancel or reschedule the appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment the day of the appointment, there is a $25 same-day cancellation fee. This fee does not apply for follow-ups or initial consultations; however students are strongly encouraged to cancel appointments in advance so that the appointment time can be offered to another student in need.

What happens if I do not show up for an appointment?

If you no-show for an individual session you will be charged a $25 no-show fee. If you no-show for a group session, there is a $20 no-show fee. If you no-show for a couples therapy session, there is a $30 no-show fee. If you no-show for an initial consultation or a follow-up appointment you will not be charged a fee. Students are encouraged to cancel appointments in advance if needed so that the appointment time can be offered to another student in need.